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Freediving Barbados, the first and only freedive school on the island, has launched a new selection of AIDA approved courses, now available to book.

Lead instructor,Alex Davis, has launched the courses in Barbados to teach safe and effective freediving techniques to anyone who wants to learn, from complete beginners to advanced divers.

Freediving is an underwater diving technique where divers rely on their own breath rather than the use of breathing apparatus. Perfect for anyone with an interest in the ocean, looking for a fun holiday activity or who just wish to learn a new skill, freediving teaches improved diving techniques, relaxation, equalization, and safety awareness to promote confidence in the water.

Alex Davis, Head Diver and qualified AIDA instructor, completed his training in Deans Blue Hole [Long Island, Bahamas] and has logged personal bests including holding his breath for over 5 minutes and diving to over 200ft on a single breath. He trained with 17x world champion William Trubridge and diving legend Jonathan Sunnex.

Passions Elevated

Commenting on the launch of the AIDA courses, Alex Davis, said: “I am very passionate about the ocean and love sharing the unique experience of freediving with everyone. Our range of AIDA courses will give people the skills, knowledge, and confidence to enjoy amazing underwater dives with only one breath.”

Courses now available to book include a one-day introduction to freediving from $150 USD, two-day AIDA 1&2* course from $250 USD, and AIDA 3* course from $350 USD. Private sessions can be arranged for those wishing to focus on specific elements of diving. Sessions can also be tailored for those with an interest in spearfishing in association with Spearfishing Barbados.

To find out more information on available courses and sessions, please visit Freediving Barbados and Spearfishing Barbados.

Freediving Barbados

Discover Barbados Underwater  – Carlisle Bay

In this video Alex explains why his passion was ignited in Barbados… “It’s just so accessible – swim off any beach and you will find something great to see. His favourite place to dive and play in the water is Carlisle Bay”.. here he tells us why that is.

Our Dolphin Reflex – Wonder Where We Came From

Apparently we have alot in common with dolphines and one of these similarities that we both have a dive reflex. Its astonishing but our body makes amazing adjustment to cope with deep diving. This video explains it all with a cute look at how well toddlers cope underwater,

World FreeDive Champion – The Power Of Positive

You have to be fit to dive to 300 feet and make it back to the surface, But as Alex says it has a lot to do with your mind. Hear how he harnesses the power of positive.

Alex Davis Playlist


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