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Some say it’s always “Happy Hour” in Barbados and that’s probably true! But when you’re literally looking for happy hour deals on the island look no further than

Quickly locate Happy Hours at bars, restaurants, nightclubs and lounges all over the island, browsing or searching by day, time or location. And use the maps feature for directions to your chosen venue(s).

There are visitor reviews on the site, giving you a sense of what to expect at each venue. Links to the venue’s social media are a great way to further check out the vibe and see if any live bands are playing.

The mobile-friendly site is easy to use on all devices – from iPhones to laptops – and there’s also a handy Android app you can install.

So sip your way through the best local brews, creative cocktails, and island bites at drinking spots ranging from traditional rum shops and neighbourhood bars to beachside restaurants with sunset views.

Discover your happiest of Happy Hours at

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