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Who reads what literature looks at the distribution of readers across the world. According to this survey, Finlanders read the most as a percent of their population. One can measure readership in several ways, such as which country has more readers. But that would be skewed to the size of the country and its population. It is not a good measure of how the average reader compares.

Who Reads What Literature Today. The state of llterature- who reads most by country - as a percentage of their population

In absolute terms, readers in India spend more time reading books than any other country. These are average scores. The next graph is a Statista analysis of the number of hours of readership by country per person.

Print Outsells Digital

The other fascinating true fact is that even in the Pandemic the percentage of people reading printed books continues to outpace digital. This is counter-intuitive, in the lockdown, the internet becomes more popular. But in fact digital books accounted for only 9% of total book sales. in contrast, 66% of readers say print offers better value. Print outsells ebook by 4 to 1.

In the decade following the launch of Amazons’ Kindle, people still buy physical books. Many readers are looking for an escape from the screen. People are also looking for information that they can carry around and read at their leisure. The reason they like print is complex, not least is the fact that it’s harder for many to be emotionally involved with what is online.

According to Nielsen Book International, print is preferred for books on cookery and children’s. Many prefer to read romantic novels and thrillers online. Finally, book lovers like to have a record of their personal collection of books.

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