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Beyond the Surface, A Poet’s Journey

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At first glance, a realm forgotten, lost in time,
Where stillness reigns, and shells with stories lie,
But look again, with poet’s eye refined,
And secrets hidden in the shadows fly.

Amidst the silence, life starts to stir,
As snails in silent ballet grace the floor,
Their slow procession, a tale of nature’s spur,
Revealing truths unseen from shore to shore.

Beneath the waves, a world in motion lies,
Where fish dart swift, and seaweed dances free,
A symphony of life beneath the skies,
In tide pools’ quiet realm, a jubilee.

And as the mighty Atlantic’s waves relent,
Upon the reef they break, a gentle kiss,
Bringing with them life’s vital nourishment,
To tide pools’ edge, where mysteries persist.

So let us learn from this enchanted view,
That in the depths, true treasures often hide,
And with a poet’s heart, let’s venture through,
To find the beauty lingering inside.

Kathy-Lynn Ward

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