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Caribbean Fun Vacations: Barbados... Great Nightlife and Party Mood!

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Partying in Barbados!

When the sun sets the action really heats up in Barbados!

The main party district of Barbados is the exciting St. Lawrence Gap on the south coast of the island! Here you'll find live entertainment, the hottest bands, and DJs pumping out the tunes at several clubs. You'll love the local talent... Rihanna is from Barbados and there are many talented singers, musicians and bands on the island.

On the west coast head to exclusive clubs and bars intermixed with a wide variety of restaurants in the Holetown area. The Red Door Lounge is currently the place to be Holetown.

And the partying is not restricted to the land! Head out on a catamaran for a sunset or moonlight cruise to savour island music accompanying the gentle waves. Or feel the thrill of a night dive on a real submarine or a pirate cruise!

Dinner Shows

Barbados dinner shows provide insight into the history and culture of the island, as well as excellent entertainment and fine Barbadian cuisine!

Night Clubs

Barbados nightclubs (mainly located in St.Lawrence Gap, along Bay Street and in Holetown as well) feature live entertainment most nights of the week. Most bands play local music - calypso and reggae - but there are several excellent R&B bands that play top international music, sometimes with a Caribbean beat!

  • St. Lawrence Gap

    The hottest party area in Barbados is The Gap famous for its clubs, bars and restaurants

    Go to The Gap ››

  • Holetown

    For more upmarket partying head to the clubs and bars in Holetown on the west coast

    Head to Holetown ››

  • Sunset Cruises

    Party with the waves aboard a catamaran or pirate ship!

    Set sail ››

  • Island Clubs

    Party with the hottest local bands, singers and musicians at island clubs

    Hit the clubs ››

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