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Pelican Village Shops

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A prominent sign welcomes you at the northern entrance and you can stop to pick-up some sunscreen, sunglasses, etc as you enter.

Grab a quick snack or drink at the café and prepare to spend an hour or two browsing and shopping.

The shops offer a varied array of crafts, including:

  • Straw, bags, straw hats, and tropical apparel
  • Tropical batiks
  • Local T-shirts
  • Rum cakes and local confectionary
  • Straw mats, baskets and wall hangings
  • Mahogany carvings and sculptures
  • Unique metal art
  • Pottery
  • Gift baskets with local goodies
  • Paintings and prints
Pelican Craft Centre, Barbados
Pelican Craft Centre

Barbados Craft Tours

Located behind the shops, are the small studios and workshops where you can see local artisans creating their unique goods.

Here you will also find the Caribbean Cigar Company, manufacturers of Royal Barbados cigars.

Take a break from the shopping and enjoy a local lunch at Sylvester's Restaurant.

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