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Discover some of the wonderful and exciting attractions Barbados has to offer!

Fun Attractions!

At Mount Gay Visitors Centre, friendly guides take you through the fascinating history of Mount Gay Rum. Welchman Hall Gully Tropical Forest is a must see attraction for nature lovers with guided tours daily at 10:30am and 11:30am from December to April. See the potters at work at Earthworks Pottery! Earthworks produces fully functional lines of dinnerware and serving pieces mainly, in over 150 shapes and 36 stock patterns. Premier Attractions brings together some of the island's best tours and attractions! The Flower Forest - 53.6 acres of beautiful paths, trees and flowers, with 7 acres of wild garden in the Barbados ‘Scotland District’ 750 ft above sea level!

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Fun In The Water!

The Boatyard offers a day package which includes; beach beds, umbrellas, ocean trampoline, ice berg, rope swing, dive platform, fresh water showers, changing rooms and a host of other activities. Join Jammin' Catamaran Cruises and choose swimming with turtles, snorkeling, fishing or diving. Party with the pirates on the Jolly Roger while swimming and sailing on the calm waters along the beautiful west coast. One of the best vacation experiences Barbados has to offer can be found cruising with Tiami Catamaran Cruises. Tiami Catamarans offer a relaxed cruising experience for your special occasion. Cool Runnings Catamaran Sailing Cruises specializes in personalized cruises, ensuring the utmost in comfort, service and enjoyment. Swim, sail, snorkel and be entertained on a Day, Sunset or Private cruise! Atlantis Submarines offers an unforgettable undersea expedition! Choose from a variety of tours.
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Barbados Attractions

Fun On The Land!

An island tour is an excellent way to explore Barbados.

Join Scenic Barbados Tours for visits to the most intriguing and exciting sites on the island. Travel on and off the beaten track and explore many hidden secrets of the island with an Island Safari tour. With Emmanuel Tours explore places like Bathsheba, Harrison's Cave, and coastal beaches. Adventureland 4x4 Safari Tours offers a variety of safari island tours, as well as a Turtle and Shipwreck Adventure!

Rent a Car & Explore!

Although Barbados is a relatively small island there is much to explore so you should consider renting a car during your Barbados vacation.

Our modern, well-maintained fleet of vehicles includes offerings suitable for any budget, and boasts probably the most SUV's available. Choose Direct Car Rentals for your transportational needs. Discover and enjoy Barbados in the comfort of your own rental vehicle from Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals, offering the largest fleet of rental cars, jeeps and vans island wide. Drive Cheap Barbados offers car hire in Barbados at very competitive pricing! Venture Barbados day or night with Venture Car Rentals - offering prompt delivery, well maintained vehicles, 24 hour emergency help and competitive rates! For the lowest rental rates on the island contact Fat Jacks Rentals. Top Class Car Rentals offers a free roadmap with every hired car, jeep or moke so you can enjoy Barbados to the fullest plus 15% discount by booking direct online. A-Team Automobile Rentals makes car renting a breeze with its well maintained vehicles and exceptional service. Access-Stoutes Car Rentals offers impeccable service and delivery of a wide variety of vehicles at the airport, cruise terminal or any local address. Choose Chelsea Motors for reliable, efficient cars and service.

There's so much to discover about this island - from the historic homes and buildings that tell the story of our past, to the underground wonder of our natural caves. You will see our natural beauty in the tropical flowers that bloom around you and the breathtaking landscapes and seascapes that abound.

Take a tour of our local towns and villages to truly experience Bajan life!!

Read about the Pirates of the Caribbean who called Barbados home!

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