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Hikes for October-December

Hikes for October to December 2020
2020OCTOBER04Cancelled - We Gatherin' 2020 & Hike Barbados: Silver Sands Beach
2020OCTOBER11Hike Barbados: Orange Hill Pavillion
2020OCTOBER18Hike Barbados: Hackleton's Cliff Top
2020OCTOBER25Hike Barbados: Barbados National Trust HQ - Wildey House (Full Moon)
2020NOVEMBER01Hike Barbados: Archers Bay
2020NOVEMBER08Cancelled - We Gatherin' 2020 & Hike Barbados: Roberts Manufacturing
2020NOVEMBER15Hike Barbados: Skeetes Bay
2020NOVEMBER22Hike Barbados: Barclays Park
2020NOVEMBER29Hike Barbados: Hayman's Old Sugar Factory (Full Moon)
2020NOVEMBER30Hike Barbados: Skeetes Bay to Haggatts
2020DECEMBER06Hike Barbados: Carrington's Old Sugar Factory
2020DECEMBER13Hike Barbados: Grantley Adams School
2020DECEMBER20Hike Barbados: Brandons Beach
2020DECEMBER27Hike Barbados: Gun Hill Signal Station(Full Moon)
2020DECEMBER30Hike Barbados: Special Moonlight Hike - Barbados National Trust HQ - Wildey House

Morning hikes start at 6:00 am. Afternoon hikes start at 3:30 pm.
For moonlight hikes, the afternoon hikes start at 5:30 pm instead of the usual 3:30 pm.

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Heywoods Beach, Barbados

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