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Hikes for October-December

Hikes for October to December 2018
2018October07Hike Barbados: Rock Hall
2018October14Hike Barbados: Barclays Park
2018October21Hike Barbados: Roberts Manufacturing ..... Moon
2018October24Hike Barbados: Special Hike - Gun Hill Signal Station ..... Moon
2018October28Hike Barbados: Carrington's Old Sugar Factory
2018November04Hike Barbados: Pool Plantation Yard
2018November11Hike Barbados: Searles Plantation Yard
2018November18Hike Barbados: District C Police Station
2018November22Hike Barbados: Special Hike - Bath Beach ..... Moon
2018November25 Hike Barbados: Kendal Plantation Yard ..... Moon
2018November30Hike Barbados: Bank Holiday Special Hike - Speighstown to Bath Beach
2018December02Hike Barbados: Hayman's Old Sugar Factory
2018December09Hike Barbados: Applewhaites Plantation Yard
2018December16Hike Barbados: Bulkeley Plantation
2018December23Hike Barbados: Oistins Car Park ..... Moon
2018December30Hike Barbados: Oldbury Woods

Morning hikes start at 6:00 am. Afternoon hikes start at 3:30 pm.
For moonlight hikes, the afternoon hikes start at 5:30 pm instead of the usual 3:30 pm.

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Heywoods Beach, Barbados

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