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Hikes for July-September

Hikes for July to September 2020
2020JULY05Cancelled - Hike Barbados: Conrad Hunte Cricket Ground
2020JULY12Cancelled - We Gatherin' 2020 & Hike Barbados: Foul Bay
2020JULY19Cancelled - Hike Barbados: Brighton Farms
2020JULY26Hike Barbados: Cove Bay
2020AUGUST02Hike Barbados: St. Thomas Post Office (Full Moon)
2020AUGUST09Hike Barbados: Lodge School
2020AUGUST16Cancelled - We Gatherin' 2020 & Hike Barbados: Haggatts Plantation Yard
2020AUGUST23Hike Barbados: Indian Ground Sports Field
2020AUGUST30Hike Barbados: Kendal Plantation Yard (Moonlight)
2020SEPTEMBER02Hike Barbados: Special Moonlight Hike - St. Thomas Post Office
2020SEPTEMBER06Cancelled - We Gatherin' 2020 & Hike Barbados: Holetown Library Car Park
2020SEPTEMBER13Hike Barbados: Arawak Cement Plant
2020SEPTEMBER20Hike Barbados: Lester Vaughn School
2020SEPTEMBER27Hike Barbados: Welchtown Plantation (Full Moon)

Morning hikes start at 6:00 am. Afternoon hikes start at 3:30 pm.
For moonlight hikes, the afternoon hikes start at 5:30 pm instead of the usual 3:30 pm.

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St. John's Parish Church, Barbados

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