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Barbados Hikes for January-March

Hikes for January to March 2023
Year Month Day Location
2023 Jan 1 Cove Bay, St. Lucy
2023 Jan 5 Grantley Adams School, St. Joseph
Special Moonlight Hike. 6pm Start Only.
2023 Jan 8 Roberts Manufacturing, St. George
2023 Jan 14 Verdun House, St. John
Special Hike. 6am Start Only.
2023 Jan 15 National Trust Headquarters, St. Michael
2023 Jan 22 Bushy Park, St. Philip
2023 Jan 29 St. Thomas Post Office, St. Thomas
2023 Feb 5 Turner's Hall, St. Andrew
Moonlight Hike
2023 Feb 12 Bath Beach, St. John
2023 Feb 19 Colin Hudson Memorial Great Train Hike
6.00am ONLY
2023 Feb 26 Searles Old Sugar Factory, Christ Church
2023 Mar 5 Holetown Police Station, St. James
Moonlight Hike
2023 Mar 12 Heywoods Beach, St. Peter
2023 Mar 19 Haggatts, St. Andrew
2023 Mar 26 Three Houses Park, St. Philip

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Codrington College, Barbados
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