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Barbados is the birthplace of superstar Rihanna, so it's not surprising that our small country is also home to many top class singers, bands and musicians.

Two Mile Hill (formerly Nexcyx) is an extremely talented group of local musicians with a wide repertoire including pop, hip hop and island music.

NJ3O+ is another talented band that performs jazz and other genres of music including soca, reggae, funk and soul across the island and regionally. They perform every Sunday at Ocean Two Hotel and Residences from 7:30pm and at The Old Jamm Inn every Thursday from 9:30pm.

VSOP is a local 7-piece Dixieland Jazz Band who perform regularly at the Waterfront Cafe's jazz nights.

Jazz band Rasputin performs live every Saturday night at Scoopies Jazz Club in St.Lawrence Gap.

Other popular local bands are Philip 7 & Masala and Kite.

Individual acts that draw big crowds include Lil' Rick, Simon Pipe, Biggie Irie and Mr. Impact. Saxophonist Andre Woodvine, guitarist Stefan Van den Bossche and steel panist Mexican are other very talented musicans on the local scene.

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