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Barbados Airport: Duty Free Allowances: American Citizens

Duty Free Allowances for Returning US Citizens

Alcohol allowances

The duty-free exemptions apply if:

  • The items are for your personal or household use or intended to be given as gifts
  • They are in your possession, that is, they accompany you when you return to the United States. Items to be sent later may not be included in your $800 duty-free exemption.
  • They are declared to CBP. If you do not declare something that should have been declared, you risk forfeiting it. If in doubt, declare it.
  • You are returning from an overseas stay of at least 48 hours.
  • You have not used all of your exemption allowance, or used any part of it, in the past 30 days.

US $800 Exemption

You may bring back US $800 worth of items duty free, as long as you bring them with you. This is called accompanied baggage.

Alcoholic Beverages

One liter (33.8 fl. oz.) of alcoholic beverages may be included in your exemption if:

  • You are 21 years old.
  • It is for your own use or as a gift.
  • It does not violate the laws of the state in which you arrive.

Gifts you bring back for your personal use must be declared, but you may include them in your personal exemption. This includes gifts people gave you while you were out of the country, such as wedding or birthday presents, and gifts you have brought back for others.

Gifts intended for business, promotional or other commercial purposes may not be included in your duty-free exemption.

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