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Gravity Hill

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Did you know that there is a road in Barbados that seems to defy the laws of gravity? Just watch as this safari jeep, left in neutral, moves UP this steep hill!

So what's going on?

This hill, located at Morgan Lewis in the northern parish of St. Andrew, is what's known as a magnetic hill or gravity hill. Your eyes are being tricked by surrounding features into believing a DOWNHILL slope is in fact UPHILL. All the information your brain is receiving about nearby trees, the slope of the road, and surrounding hills leads to it the seemingly logical, but quite incorrect, conclusion that the road is headed up.

Gravity Hill Barbados
Gravity Hill Barbados

Many tour buses and safaris travel along this route as they visit popular attractions in the area, such as Morgan Lewis Windmill and Nicholas Abbey. Many will stop in this spot to demonstrate this unusual phenomenon. Now that you know the secret, you can sit smiling smugly as fellow travelers are bemused! Or why not hire a car and try it out yourself?

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