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Beach Smart in Barbados

Be Beach Smart In Barbados
  • Always obey the instructions of the lifeguards. Not all beaches in Barbados have lifeguards, so use our handy beach guide to find a suitable beach, especially if you are not a confident swimmer.
  • Do not touch the fruit, leaves or bark of the manchineel tree, as it causes blistering of the skin. These trees are typically marked with a red band around the trunk.
  • If a red flag is flying on the beach, no swimming is allowed, stay out of the water.
    If a yellow flag is flying, be cautious as swimming conditions are considered risky.
  • When snorkelling, do not break coral off the reefs. This is illegal in Barbados.
  • There are strong currents on the east and north coasts of the island. Look out for warning signs in those areas; stay within natural ocean pools; or stick to the calmer west and south coasts for swimming. But be sure to visit the east and north for stunning scenery, awesome waves, and beach walks.
  • Don't drink alcohol and swim.
  • Do not dive into shallow water.
  • Always swim in line with the shore.
  • Never swim alone.
  • Follow safety instructions when engaging in watersports.
  • Do not loiter in front of the lifeguard towers. Lifeguards need to have direct and quick access during emergencies.
  • Don't carry valuables to the beach. Travelling alone? Head to one of the beach clubs on Carlisle Bay and rent a locker to store your stuff for the day.
  • Apply sunscreen before you hit the beach; and re-apply after swimming. Sunglasses and hats/caps give additional protection.
  • Remember to dispose of garbage in bins provided, or take it with you back to your accommodation for disposal. Let's keep Barbados' beaches beautiful.
Tranquil Barbados beach
Tranquil Barbados beach

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