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For every budget! Think a Caribbean vacation is outside your budget? Think again! Barbados offers inexpensive guest houses with basic amenities as well as more exclusive inns. Click around on the properties below to find the perfect match for your holiday.

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Standard single: US$40
Superior double: US$45
Superior single: US$45
Standard double: US$45
Standard double: US$88
Standard single: US$70
Superior double: US$97
Standard double: US$95
Standard single: US$90
Superior double: US$90
Superior single: US$80
Superior double: US$199
Superior single: US$199
Winter Rates (Mid-Dec. - Mid-Apr.)
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Estimated rates are in US$ per room, per night. Check individual properties for actual rates.
Maraval Guesthouse
Worthing, Christ Church
  • Standard Single: 40.00
  • Superior Double: 45.00
  • Superior Single: 45.00
Cherry Tree Apartments
Dover, Christ Church
  • Standard Double: 45.00
Villa Marie Guesthouse
Fitts Village, St. James
  • Standard Double: 88.00
  • Standard Single: 70.00
  • Superior Double: 97.00
Adulo Apartments
Rockley, Christ Church
  • Standard Double: 95.00
  • Standard Single: 90.00
  • Superior Double: 90.00
  • Superior Single: 80.00
ECO Lifestyle Lodge
Tent Bay, St. Joseph
  • Superior Double: 199.00
  • Superior Single: 199.00
Barbados Guesthouses by Winter Rates
WINTER RATES (Mid-December to Mid-April)
Click for Summer Rates

Estimated rates are in US$ per room, per night. Check individual properties for actual rates.
Barbados Guesthouse Name Standard
  Maraval Guesthouse - 40.00 45.00 45.00
  Cherry Tree Apartments 45.00 - - -
  Villa Marie Guesthouse 88.00 70.00 97.00 -
  Adulo Apartments 95.00 90.00 90.00 80.00
  ECO Lifestyle Lodge - - 199.00 199.00
Barbados guesthouses for every budget

Most Barbados guesthouses offer excellent rates and are an affordable, more homely and cosy alternative to hotels and resorts. Expect basic amenities and limited facilities.

In addition to these budget properties, Barbados has more exclusive guest houses for an exquisite holiday experience. These offer more amenities and facilities, while maintaining an intimate atmosphere.

Tip: If you visit Barbados in the "summer" off-season (mid-April to mid-December) you'll enjoy lower rates.

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