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Size does matter! Barbados guest houses are all relatively small, offering a cosy ambience and a personalised, welcoming atmosphere. Many owners live on-site, so they are immediately available to answer your questions about the island and address any concerns you have. If you prefer privacy or solitude, pick one of the small properties. If you like mingling with other guests then go for a mid-size or larger guest house.

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2 rooms
from $85 (US$)
6 rooms
from $65 (US$)
10 rooms
from $149 (US$)
17 rooms
from $70 (US$)
#14 Shrewsbury Park, St. Philip
Rooms: 2 | Beds: 3 | Bathrooms: 1
Villa Marie Guesthouse
Fitts Village, St. James
Rooms: 6 | Beds: 6 | Bathrooms: 7
ECO Lifestyle Lodge
Tent Bay, St. Joseph
Rooms: 10 | Beds: 10 | Bathrooms: 10
Adulo Apartments
Rockley, Christ Church
Rooms: 17 | Beds: 31 | Bathrooms: 13
Barbados Guesthouses by Size
Barbados Guesthouse Name Rooms Beds Bathrooms Parish
H2Homes 2 3 1 St. Philip
Villa Marie Guesthouse 6 6 7 St. James
ECO Lifestyle Lodge 10 10 10 St. Joseph
Adulo Apartments 17 31 13 Christ Church
Barbados guesthouse

Small: less than 3 rooms
Medium: between 3 and 6 rooms
Large: 7 rooms or more

A Barbados guest house will be your home away from home when you visit our lovely island.

If you're travelling with children, a guesthouse is a great option as kids and parents can have separate bedrooms but still enjoy full access to the living room, kitchen and outdoor areas.

Having shared cooking facilities is handy if you're staying in Barbados for several weeks or are travelling with children or a large group.

Most Barbados guesthouses accommodate a limited number of visitors, so you can enjoy a relaxing and quiet holiday escape. If you enjoy meeting new people, or are travelling alone and wish the security of a larger group, then consider one of the bigger guest houses.

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