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Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station

Grenade Hall

Both history and nature lovers will appreciate a visit to Grenade Hall, an attraction which combines a restored historic signal station and a natural forest. In fact it's really a three-in-one attraction since one entry fee gains admission to both Grenade Hall and the Barbados Wildlife Reserve!

The signal station offers amazing views of the island and the purpose of the building explains why. The station was originally constructed in 1819 and was one of a group of signal stations used for communication across the island, for example to warn of approaching ships or of slave rebellions. These towers were constructed in strategic locations around the island on high ground. What made these ideal lookout points for communication in the 1800's now make them the perfect vantage points for appreciating the natural beauty of the island. (The Gun Hill Signal Station is also well worth a visit.)

Since there are windows in every direction you will be rewarded with many wonderful views such as the one below.


View from Grenade Hall Signal Station
View from Grenade Hall Signal Station

Grenade Hall forest, Barbados

When you're through exploring the signal station, follow the paths through the Grenade Hall Forest and discover the healing powers of many of the plants found there.

Set your own pace as you wander under the light canopy of trees, using the extensive signage to identify the various trees and plants and to learn how people around the world use these natural remedies.

View point on Barbados satellite map

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