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This muti-channel, multi-media marketing campaign drives more traffic to the VBT high impact sales funnel

VBT Promotional Package for Tourism Destination Marketing

This presentation describes the extensive marketing campaign that each partner will receive. It includes Penguin and Hummingbird Optimized Search Engine Marketing (SEM & SEO), Advertising, Content Marketing, Videos, Blogs, Articles and a high impact Press Campaign.

We are inviting a select few destinations, tourism association, and accommodation partners at this time.

If you would like to participate:

Invitations are limited!

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Stay tuned for emails (after you contact us), to find out how you can participate.. Coming soon, by invitation only!

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Destination Authorities

Visual Travel Planning Software Engages more and Doubles Participation on Destinations Portals!

Visual Bookings Technology has doubled engagement and action on Tourism Destination Sites. The rate at which travelers visit hotel websites has doubled and the time spent on site has grown by a factor of 6!.� With VBT � increased user engagement and trip planning / booking experiences that are easier, more intuitive and fun, vacationers are returning over and over again. In fact, the rate at which travelers act and visit accommodations has increased by over 300%!

In our video below we look at listings of hotels by name, by size, by location...and compare the rate of clicks to hotels from our system before and after adopting Visual Bookings and mobile-friendly system. There was an increase from 0.924 in September 2012, to 2.968 in September 2013. That's quite a bit more than doubled...rates have actually more than tripled!  Time spent by vacationers on visual pages stood at an average of 3.44 minutes compared to only 53 seconds on non-visual pages. These improvements indicate increased consumer satisfaction and interest!

We would love to hear from you. Please just add a comment below or contact us for more information. Stay tuned to find out what guests and suppliers think about their experience and to further explore the entire bookings experience!


Visual Bookings Doubles the Rate at which travellers Click to Hotels and Hospitality Partners | CLICK FOR DETAILS -->

Hotels Dramatically multiply direct bookings with Visual Bookings Technology!

Travellers are known to enjoy instant visual information, making travel planning and booking dramatically more intuitive, easy to use and instant. They are also now using all sorts of devices and channels including smartphones, iPads and even TV screens for their travel needs. As a hotelier or other accommodation operator, you have to consider where they are and naturally Visual Travel Bookings, with its Responsive Web Design displays optimally on all screens regardless of size and resolution. Travellers can plan trips and book from whatever device they are on at any time.

Bookings can be real-time with inventory management or via a simple request system that gathers the credit card information, the dates and the total costs. Reservations can then confirm the booking based on availability, upgrade or correspond with the client in terms of changing their dates. They can even share it with another hotel. This is very popular with small hotels who don't want to manage inventory, or to lose business because the room that the client has chosen is not available at that time. So as you can see, Visual Bookings is really an exceptional product!

View our video below to discover more about this Visual Bookings Revolution! We would love to hear from you. Please just add a comment below or contact us for more information.

Accommodation Data »» CLICK --->

This video focuses on the hotel's participation. Whether you are a hotel on a CRS or a directory listing, and no matter if you are on real time bookings or not, it is important to setup and maintain your photos and information. Be sure that all your seasonal rates are in the system correctly.

Self-Serve - Subscription -or- Done For You Service - Commission-based »» CLICK --->

In a reseller system (, Expedia, etc) your content may be somewhat managed for you. As the reseller is taking a commission on all your sales, they have a vested interest in making it work. But they are also selling many other hotels and sometimes they feature and sell what is most profitable and easy.

In the subscription-based systems, you take on the responsibility of insuring your data is accurate and optimised to get the best visibility and bookings.

In this version, hotels subscribe to the service and don't pay a commission. In this model hotels are responsible for managing their data. What we are seeing is that those who have good content, offer best rates guarantees and have high impact photos and tags, are getting the majority of the business. So don't delay and get your information humming.

Let us know what you think. Are you more interested in a Done For You Service where we manage the content and optimize it for you?

We would love to hear from you. Please just add a comment below or contact us for more information.


Breakthrough Visual, Interactive & Fun Travel Planning Service A Hit with Travelers ›› CLICK --->

Visual Travel Bookings is a breakthrough bookings service that is interactive, intuitive, highly responsive and visual! Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia's latest innovation presents Barbados hotels and resorts in a highly visual manner that includes tools to help you quickly find and book the perfect hotel for your Barbados vacation!

Travelers are searching for different features and attributes of hotels and our technology makes it quick and very easy to pick features and see visual results real-time. Each hotel provides a photo and a brand tag line that best describes their experience. The systems displays this along with related information. Travelers can click on a quote button to get more info, see all rooms and check rates..and get detailed information. They can request a reservation or book now. These are direct bookings with no commission and no agent involved, and with completely flexible terms and booking options. This makes it very easy for users to instantly see alternatives helping them make instinctive decisions based on visual cues and detailed information at a click of a button. With the new interactive visual travel bookings travellers have rich and relevant information at their finger tips. They see their preferences and alternatives instantly. It's pretty direct and immediate, and that exactly what travel shoppers are looking for!

We would love to hear from you. Please just add a comment below or contact us for more information.


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