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Size does matter! If size matters then this selection of hotel and resort accommodation showing the number of rooms will help you with your choice. Barbados hotels range from very small and intimate boutique hotels, such as Atlantis Hotel with only 8 rooms, to the largest resort hotels like the Hilton with 350 rooms. Most of the smaller properties listed here are delightfully charming and some are quite exclusive. Use size in conjunction with rates to gauge the level of luxury you might expect.

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2 rooms
from $110 (US$)
8 rooms
from $332 (US$)
8 rooms
from $226 (US$)
10 rooms
from $125 (US$)
16 rooms
from $40 (US$)
21 rooms
from $100 (US$)
24 rooms
from $300 (US$)
24 rooms
from $82 (US$)
26 rooms
from $55 (US$)
27 rooms
from $125 (US$)
31 rooms
from $155 (US$)
33 rooms
from $95 (US$)
34 rooms
from $110 (US$)
40 rooms
from $72 (US$)
49 rooms
from $160 (US$)
67 rooms
from $98 (US$)
76 rooms
from $285 (US$)
76 rooms
from $125 (US$)
92 rooms
from $100 (US$)
96 rooms
from $200 (US$)
120 rooms
from $90 (US$)
128 rooms
from $145 (US$)
138 rooms
from $165 (US$)
138 rooms
from $318 (US$)
146 rooms
from $253 (US$)
161 rooms
from $235 (US$)
222 rooms
from $370 (US$)
280 rooms
from $370 (US$)
350 rooms
from $150 (US$)
#14 Shrewsbury Park, St. Philip
Rooms: 2
Atlantis Hotel
Bathsheba, St. Joseph
Rooms: 8
Little Good Harbour Hotel
Shermans, St. Peter
Rooms: 8
Bayfield House
Mullins, St. Peter
Rooms: 10
Meridian Inn
St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church
Rooms: 16
Yellow Bird Hotel
St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church
Rooms: 21
Island Inn Hotel
Aquatic Gap, St. Michael
Rooms: 24
Worthing Court Apartment Hotel
Worthing, Christ Church
Rooms: 24
Palm Garden Hotel
Worthing, Christ Church
Rooms: 26
Golden Sands Hotel
Maxwell Road, Christ Church
Rooms: 27
Coral Sands Beach Resort
Worthing, Christ Church
Rooms: 31
Coral Mist Beach Hotel
Worthing, Christ Church
Rooms: 33
South Gap Hotel
St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church
Rooms: 34
Dover Beach Hotel
St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church
Rooms: 40
Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa
Maynards, St. Peter
Rooms: 49
Rostrevor Hotel
St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church
Rooms: 67
Mango Bay All Inclusive
Second Street, Holetown, St. James
Rooms: 76
Time Out Hotel
Dover, St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church
Rooms: 76
Southern Palms Beach Club
St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church
Rooms: 92
Beach View Hotel
Paynes Bay, St. James
Rooms: 96
Coconut Court Beach Hotel
Hastings, Christ Church
Rooms: 120
Accra Beach Hotel & Spa
Rockley, Christ Church
Rooms: 128
Bougainvillea Barbados
Maxwell Coast Rd, Christ Church
Rooms: 138
Sugar Bay Barbados
Garrison Historic Area, Christ Church
Rooms: 138
The Crane Resort
Crane, St. Philip
Rooms: 146
The Club Barbados Resort and Spa
Vauxhall, St. James
Rooms: 161
Sandals Royal Barbados
St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church
Rooms: 222
Sandals Barbados
Dover, Christ Church
Rooms: 280
Hilton Barbados
Needham's Point, St. Michael
Rooms: 350
Barbados Hotels by Size
Barbados Hotel Name Rooms Parish
H2Homes 2 St. Philip
Atlantis Hotel 8 St. Joseph
Little Good Harbour Hotel 8 St. Peter
Bayfield House 10 St. Peter
Meridian Inn 16 Christ Church
Yellow Bird Hotel 21 Christ Church
Island Inn Hotel 24 St. Michael
Worthing Court Apartment Hotel 24 Christ Church
Palm Garden Hotel 26 Christ Church
Golden Sands Hotel 27 Christ Church
Coral Sands Beach Resort 31 Christ Church
Coral Mist Beach Hotel 33 Christ Church
South Gap Hotel 34 Christ Church
Dover Beach Hotel 40 Christ Church
Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa 49 St. Peter
Rostrevor Hotel 67 Christ Church
Mango Bay All Inclusive 76 St. James
Time Out Hotel 76 Christ Church
Southern Palms Beach Club 92 Christ Church
Beach View Hotel 96 St. James
Coconut Court Beach Hotel 120 Christ Church
Accra Beach Hotel & Spa 128 Christ Church
Bougainvillea Barbados 138 Christ Church
Sugar Bay Barbados 138 Christ Church
The Crane Resort 146 St. Philip
The Club Barbados Resort and Spa 161 St. James
Sandals Royal Barbados 222 Christ Church
Sandals Barbados 280 Christ Church
Hilton Barbados 350 St. Michael

Small: less than 25 rooms
Medium: between 26 and 69 rooms
Large: 70 rooms or more

Barbados beachfront hotel

Much of Barbados' accommodation consists of small and medium sized hotels. Many are family owned and operated, often passed down through the generations. Here you will find a high level of personal service from owners who are fully committed to helping you enjoy your stay and hoping that you'll return.

These smaller properties tend to have a friendly, laidback atmosphere which more than makes up for any lack of facilities found at full-service resorts and all-inclusives. However, some are quite exquisite, offering facilities and a level of service on par with the larger resorts ... use the rates to guide you.

If you're looking for lots of facilities or a more luxurious experience, then a larger hotel or resort is a good choice. There are brand chains such as Hilton, Radisson, Marriott and Fairmont, as well as larger independent hotels such as Accra Beach Hotel and Amaryllis Beach Resort.

If you prefer the all-inclusive concept, Barbados has that too! Enjoy the adults-only Couples Resort or a family-friendly all-inclusive. These may appear priced at the high-end but remember that the cost typically includes all meals, watersports and lots of activities.

Whether large or small, brand name or independent hotel, you'll always find a warm welcome at your Barbados accommodation.

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