Barbados Works seeks to create and build awareness in major Canadian cities that Barbados is a premier location to conduct inter-national business. This objective addresses the Association's man-date to promote trade and business between Canada and Barbados.

Barbados Works also seeks to provide opportunities for members and other delegates to network and make contacts with potential Canadian business partners.

Each year, the planning team reviews and assesses the previous promotion in order that modifications can be made to effect real improvements to the upcoming promotion. This effective review process has served Barbados Works well particularly in the format used to present information.

The promotion starts with a plenary session that alternates between video segments on topics related to Barbados' infrastructure, history and lifestyle, and live presentations that provide the "nuts and bolts" of doing business in Barbados. This broad-based and more dynamic approach not only entertains, but also informs and provides strong visual imagery of the island itself.

The CBBA continues to provide exceptional opportunities for you to meet with other service providers, potential Canadian investors and trade partners.


International Tax Planning
 - A Barbados Perspective

A review of the Barbados fiscal environment including an overview of Barbados international tax related developments and tax planning from a Barbadian and Canadian perspective.

Private Wealth Planning
A review of the private wealth planning situation in Canada and an overview of the opportunities in Barbados, the trustee services available, general investment options and procedures involved in establishing a trust in Barbados.

International Structuring for E-business
A review of taxation issues, including a tax policy update on how the various governments throughout the world are reacting (i.e. US Internet Tax Freedom Act, OECD, European Community and Canada's CCRA). Discussion of the various opportunities and pit-falls in the e-business era including the migration of the intangibles and structuring for maximising after-tax value for dispositions.

Each seminar is repeated so that attendees will have an opportunity to attend at least two different sessions.


  • Owner-managers of entrepreneurial growth companies wishing to expand operations on an international basis.
  • Internet start-ups and E-business companies moving into the growth phase.
  • Professionals (i.e. lawyers, accountants, tax advisors and investment managers) who want a greater understanding of Barbados and the benefits it offers.


The CBBA is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to organize, promote and conduct fora and other meetings of Canadian and Barbadian business professionals with interests in trade, investment and tourism between the two countries.

Both private and public sectors of Canada and Barbados are represented in the membership of the Association.

The Canadian High Commissioner is the honorary chairperson of the CBBA.


For additional information, please contact:

The CBBA Secretariat
Suite 403, Third Floor
Norman Centre, Broad Street
Bridgetown, Barbados
Telephone: (246) 430-0959
Fax: (246) 228-0462

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