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Barbados Self Catering Holidays for the Independent Traveller


If you're an independent-minded traveler who prefers discovering a place by mingling with locals, exploring off the beaten path and even getting a little lost then Barbados self catering holidays are just for you!

Self Catering Accommodation

independent living holidays - heritage package

Start by choosing a self catering place to stay. Your home away from home provides all the comforts of a tropical vacation plus gives you the freedom and independence not found in a traditional hotel or all inclusive resort. And there's somewhere to stay for every budget. Villas are especially attractive for the fredonm and space they offer and viall hotel offer the best of both works. Check out the advantages of renting a private villa for your next holiday here. This report offer advice and compares the various self catering and traditional vacation accommodation options.

For a luxurious experience stay at the resorts on the west coast of the island, including Sandy Lane, Coral Reef Club, The Sandpiper, Cobblers Cove and Settlers Beach Villa Hotel.

All offer the ultimate pampered getaway with exceptional service and amenities.Settlers Beach Villa Hotel offers a truly exceptional experience for independent minded travellers who enjoy the comforts of home in a luxury resort setting.

Exceptional Luxury Villa Holiday - Limited Offer at Settlers Beach!

Grab it now while the offer lasts

Includes your own private villa with all the facilities of a luxury resort. Sellers beach villa-hotel indendepdence without compromise. | Free heritage tour of St. Nicholas Abbey, Barbados Premier Heritage site.

Luxury just got a whole lot more afordable

Limited time offer at Settlers Beach - Starting at 55% off spacious, elegantly casual and open two bedroom villa accommodation. Including a heritage tour of the intriguing Nicholas Abbey, now a world renowned producer of the vintage Abbey Rum. The tour includes a film of old Barbados taken by the owner on the voyage to the island and covering early life at the sugar plantation. You will visit the refinery and learn about the special process of rum making at the Abbey, and even taste the rum and have a complimentary rum punch. The tour is always a hot with children who love the old steam mill, the talking parot, the gullies and the tropical forest feel of this vintage plantation. Book Package >>


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Inside are stories of adventure and intrigue as well as the incredible package offer that includes an unbelievable discount for the premier villa hotel in Barbados.

Private Villas for all Budgets

Private villas, complete with cook and butler if you so desire, are a wonderful alternative to hotels and resorts. They offer the utmost privacy and space to unwind.

At 55% off Settlers is perhaps one of the best values you will find anywhere. But it is still a luxury option. For the more budget-conscious traveller, two of our favourites on the island are Ocean Spray Apartments and Nautilus Beach Apartments. Both have a wonderful location and fantastic, friendly staff that will happily help you plan your independent island exploration.

Independent Exploration

Having settled on your where to stay, the next step is planning how to explore the island. We highly recommend renting a car and setting off! Head through the lush countryside; stop to see local potters crafting their wares; pop in the colourful rum shops for the best Barbados rum, Banks beer and local chatter, and maybe directions to your next stop; discover historic homes; gaze out over tropical forest to the azure ocean; sit by the boardwalk and watch the sun dip gently into the ocean. Your holiday can unfold however you wish when you're an independent minded traveler not bound by travel groups and hotel rules.

One must-do exploration on the island is St. Nicholas Abbey, a fully restored 17th century plantation and one of only three genuine Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere! A Free tour of St. Nicholas Abbey and the rum factory is included in the special heritage Package at Settlers Beach for Independent Minded travellers.

Be sure to stop at a local fish market to pick up the catch of the day. Roadside stands and farmers markets provide the seasonings and side dishes for a truly delicious meal you can prepare back at your island home. The fishermen, fish mongers and vegetable vendors will provide helpful cooking tips if you ask. This video shows just how exciting it can be to explore freely and experience the true local culture:

Experience the culture with Self Catering Villa Holidays  

Visit Barbados

So if you're ready for a free spirited Caribbean vacation, complete with comfortable island accommodation, come to Barbados!

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