Horse Whispers: Handling Barbados Thoroughbred Race and Polo Horses


This is a fun look at how Barbados Holiday beaches and sea play a part in therapy, rest and exercise for the heritage horses of Barbados.

Read on to find out how this young horse is persauded against her better judgement into the ocean.

Read further to find accommodation and special packages for self catering holidays for the independent minded traveller in Barbados.

How is this Reluctant Filly Persuaded to Take a Dip?

How is this Reluctant Filly Persuaded to Take a Dip?

Can you guess what it might be? The solution will make you smile!


Watch the video for an unexpected ending to this beach standoff in what could be your next Barbados holiday.

To see how the story unfolds, click the video below >>

Horses and Heritage Holidays

Horses and trainers come down to the beach at about 8:00 a.m. They don't swim every day, and they don't keep a tight schedule. It all depends on what races are on and what the horses need. It's part of a routine and they often will bathe after a race and at anytime when sea water and exercise is prescribed. And that can be several times a week.

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About the Horse Video

Most of the horses love the water, but it is not always the case and sometimes you can lead a horse to water but you can't always make them take a dip. The horse handler tries to ignore the fact that the filly is avoiding the water. In typical horse whispers style he pretends it does not matter and nonchalantly tries to walk her in. Then a deviating tactic, OK lets just walk the beach, trying to lead her again into the sea. When this maneuver fails he tried to nudge and pull her in, but horse power in too strong and the filly stands her ground.

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