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If you are an independent-minded traveler, you will prefer to stay in a self-catering accommodation. A home, an apartment or a villa would be the ideal choice. Villas, as we will show, have a few advantages when compared to the traditional vacation options. Of-course it all depends on what you expect, what you like and what you need. In this article we look at the options and compare the value of each. The villa can be anywhere and the comparison is solid for any loication, from Tuscany vinyards to the Caribbean Beach Villa Vacations, to luxury self catering accommodation off the beach, in the montains or in a country setting. Caribbean villas also variy widely and there are single family dwelling in tucked away in hidden coves, tropical gardens, rain forests and river valleys as well as beach front villa on the ocean. In this sarticle we also link to a special Heritage Package offered by Villas Away featuring some of the Caribbeans' premier Villa Resorts..

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The Virtues of the Villa

Villa vacations are, in fact, becoming the new standard in luxury and for good reason. They define the concept of living space and freedom compared to other accommodation alternatives, as discussed in the comparisons below. Just search the internet for luxury holiday accommodation and you will see villas listed more often than not. Luxury Vacation Homes are often top end Villas, and in many cases they are private homes in a holiday resort setting. Yet luxury-villas need not be more expensive than apartments, hotels, beach cottages or homes. As example of this we share a very special villa package that, while being of top quality, is on par in price or cheaper than many other alternatives.

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Self Catering Resorts

There are now apartment hotels, villa hotels and selfcatering resorts of all sorts to choose from. Self-catering has become such an attractive feature that even traditional hotels have started to add kitchenettes to some of their larger rooms. But for a truly self contained, self catering holiday for the independent minded, villas are by far the best choice, with villa hotels being at the top of our list.

Villa Hotels vs. Villas

The advantage of being in a villa hotel is that there are hotel amenities and on-site services and management. A villa hotel will have a pool, restaurant and on-duty reception staff to help you plan holiday trips and activities, get around and get information about the place, people, where to go and things to do. If you have a problem, there is someone to call and a manger not far away.

The independent villa is more independent and that can be an advantage to some, and not to others. If you do not want to be close to people, the independent villa in the hills or tucked away in a country landscape is a the perfect escape. But for security and service, my choice is the villa hotel.

Villas vs. Hotel Accommodation

A holiday villa is generally a whole lot more spacious than a hotel room. It will typically have two bedrooms or more, a living space and a fully equipped kitchen. Dining is often an adjunct to the living space and kitchen. There are balconies, patios and in some cases interior atrium, as in the case with several Beach Villa Hotels that give guests unparalleled space and freedom. Children have room to play and adults can tuck themselves away and read in the garden or just relax.

In most cases you save on staying in a villa as opposed to a hotel. Not only are you getting good value on space and ambiance, freedom and privacy but having your own kitchen will save a fortune on dining out at some of the world?s most expensive restaurants.

Holiday villas are the right accommodation choice for small groups and even larger ones. They are perfect for reunions, business meetings, conferences, and for families and friends. Of course, for honeymoons and weddings, a villa complex and villa hotels are perfect. They can accommodate a good number of guests who will have their own place and the convenience of being able to get together in each others? villas for intimate gatherings. Naturally, if it is a villa hotel, you will have the help of managers and staff to put together everything you need for the celebrations.

Villas vs. Apartments

Apartments can also be an excellent choice. The only issue is that many apartments are multi-dwelling units with elevators and corridors, whereas villas are townhouses and detached or semidetached homes. Many hospitality developers are building villas in high-rise apartments, but we do not count them as real villas. It may be a condo or an upscale apartment, but it?s certainly not a villa if it?s in a high-rise.

As villas are typically on a single level, gardens, patios and open spaces are quickly converted into outdoor dining and rest areas. They usually offer more flexibility in the number, type, size and usability of rooms and space.

In an apartment, one is often too close to neighbors upstairs or right next door. Typically, apartments share walls and ceilings with floors above them and that can sometimes be annoying if children are playing with marbles or more noisy toys like tow trucks and with parents walking around with heavy feet. Not so in a villa which is not a high-rise or multi-dwelling unit.

Peace, quiet and freedom are the hallmarks of the villa living experience.

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