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Villa Holidays - Heritage Package

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The Story of Settlers Beach Villa Hotel

Settlers Beach Villa Hotel Barbados, has partnered with the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia and TravelersInsights magazine to create a truly unique island villa holiday experience for the Independent Traveller.  The offer gives travellers a significant reduction in the rates and includes a heritage package tour fully paid for by the hotel.
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Settlers Beach Villa Hotel is both a villa resort and hotel that is on the beach. It is set on acres of rolling landscaped gardens, mahogany trees and with hotel services and facilities such as a pool and restaurant. The luxury private villas have lots of space for an entire family, couples or singles. Although guests have their own kitchen and can shop and cook on their own schedule, waterfront dining, in the gourmet Spago's restaurant is also available at dining hours.

Best Value Compared

Just in case you m,issed it in the video, here is a comparison of rates for similar properties, Of course not many are Villa Hotels and none offer the heritage package!

For the ultimate in villa holidays you can not do better than Settlers Beach the premier Villa Hotel in the distinctively charming island of Barbados.  It combines the best of spacious villa living and top hotel services and management. And there is no better time to book it than right now with the most attractive rates ever seen, and free holiday extras.

One traveler had this to say on TripAdvisor, about her stay at Settlers Beach:

"[Settlers] had a great villa very spacious with everything in it just like home. The best part of this holiday at Settlers beach was the onsite restaurant (Spago's) Very friendly staff and the food was excellent, not a fast delivery of food but that was because everything was cooked fresh to order. The outlay and the setting of the restaurant were first class and very romantic. The manager (Nick) was very attentive and so welcoming, just what you need in a restaurant where there are so many alternative restaurants to choose from in Holetown and nearby areas. We would definitely return in the near future."

St. Nicholas Abbey - One of the Caribbeans Most Significant Historical Buildings

The new heritage package includes an all expenses-paid tour of the St. Nicholas Abbey plantation. The Abbey, one of only 3 Jacobean mansions still standing in the western world is considered the most important heritage site in Barbados.

The official website of the St. Nicholas Abby states as regards its history: 
"Established in ca.1658, it is a testament to the momentum and energy of the British capitalist system in the then emerging Atlantic world. St. Nicholas Abbey produced sugar for Atlantic markets, which helped fuel the growth of various industries in England and made Barbados the wealthiest colony in the Americas in the seventeenth century. St. Nicholas Abbey great house is probably the oldest standing structure in Barbados."

St. Nicholas Abbey's historical significance reaches far beyond the shores of the island. Recent archaeological digs reveal St. Nicholas Abbey's prominent role in the then emerging Atlantic world and before that to the Amerindian. The digs show a continuous occupation of the property from prehistoric Amerindian settlement all the way up to the present.

The tour is said to be one of the most popular attractions by Settlers' guests over the years. Vanessa Sumpter tells us, "Our guests really delight in the history and heritage and learn so much about rum and sugar as well as being fascinated by the architecture and machinery dating back to the early days of discovery.". Sumpter choose this tour as part of the Villa Holiday package becuase it is one of the Islnads most popular cultural attractions, and one that is very pupular with the Independent minded traveller.

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As part of the package all guests and interested parties can download the free magazine on the Independent Minded Traveller which features Settles Beach Villa Hotel and St.Nicholas Abbey along with several other fun and intriguing stories about the island.

This limited-time offer, with its discounted stay at the Settlers Beach Villa Hotel, along with this free tour of the St. Nicholas Abby, will be a great experience that will encourage many to explore the history and culture of the island.

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