One of the most attractive flowers to be seen in many tropical countries is the exotic Begonia. They grow in many shapes, colours and sizes. The common variety which is either white or sugar pink can be seen growing around the base of some of our trees in Barbados, as these plants prefer filtered sunlight.

Although it is said that they were first discovered in South America, apparently their name was given by Charles Plumier - a botanist from France who crossed the Atlantic Ocean to visit and study these flowers which grew abundantly in Haiti, (one of our Caribbean islands). The name Begonia was given in honour of Michel Begon, the then governor of that island.

There are thousands of different varieties acccompanied by the most splendid leaves. The most popular in Barbados are Begonia Nitida (Minor) or "white cane-stem" and the Begonia Grandis (Evansiana) or "pink hardy Begonia".

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© Margaret P.M. Bourne

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