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This house we live has now become our home
Despite the roof that leaks and walls tattered and is torn
Looking in the past at what this mansion once was
How has it come to be this way, what is the cause

Babies grown in plastic tubes just for them to understand
Mother feel the kick in the womb before it's kicked into the can
No time for the breast so lives on scientific food
No money for a sitter, leave them home with the tube

Immoral acts have changed to a happy affair
But your brother is a brother no matter what clothes he wear
The marriage bed once white has the letters triple X and is blue
With vows now to love honor and cherish until they find someone new

What does the clergy say, they happily bless with their sign
Believing they are going way up leaving everyone else behind
But with their hands so filled with blood and lives so bitterly defiled
They murdered their very own and cant keep their hands off of the child

White kill white Blacks kill blacks because they have a different name
Children putting their parents away leaving them in heartfelt shame
Turn to Him above before things get any worst
So they call to the Lord in prayer then use him in a curse

Work and toil in the field just to buy back what you grew
And with pesticides and chemicals it's giving less back too
A glut of food in the field, the system pays to destroy without fuss
So we send shuttles to the moon while millions bites at it's dust

When it takes a disaster for your neighbor to lend hand
When music of demons lead you telling you where to stand
when people look down on themselves and so try to get up high
Despite all these pains and problems the world will never die
The only question to the thoughts above is to ask yourself why
Despite all this in our home the question to be asked is why.

Kindly contributed by:

Dennis Sobers

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