Bell potteries came to life in the mid-eighties, this was in effect, a rebirth. The Bell's have been potters for generations, but produced pottery only on a practical level with little marketing thrust. It was young Maggie Bell with her own unique and creative style who emerged and gave Bell Potteries the thrust it needed.

Situated on the outskirts of Bridgetown, the pottery is an Aladdin's Cave of wonderful pieces. Featured here are examples of the Barbados Monkey Jugs in colourful glazes, large decorative plates carrying delicate paintwork of the Barbadian Flying Fish.

Maggie became famous with her huge garden pots and urns with clay lizards embellishing the pieces. These huge jars are dramatic and opulent. Consequently, they have been snatched up by many hotels as well as wealthy home owners. Her work can be seen decorating the entrances of many grand houses.