Glen Brathwaite of Glenki Fashions has been carving out a niche for himself in fashion and textiles over the past ten years. Glen has helped bring Hand-painted fabric to the fore, not only in Barbados, but internationally too: having held workshops in Sweden and Germany.

Glen loves painting on cotton, chiffon and silk and is happiest working with bright colours, but uses softer colour for certain projects. After the fabric is painted ( which sometimes incorporates the tie - dye technique ), Glen translates his textiles into what he calls, " wearable Art " ( i.e. Kaftans, sarong skirts, flowing pants suits, etc.). Recently Glen has been producing his hand-painted fabric for private homes and hotel interiors.

He enjoys using tropical motifs: his work is abundant with floral designs, fruit, as well as sea shells, are used for full dramatic effect.